Street Wise Designs -
Led by Youth for Youth

Street Wise Designs is for youth between ages 13 to 24.


It is a youth-led group focused on building resiliency by helping youth to recognize their own value, creativity, and capacity. The group , and they can be either self-referred or by an agency. The groups that are led and planned by the youth, and include one workshop a week presented by community partners designed to enhance the youth’s life skills. One on one supports, skills building, and access to community supports as needed are also included in the program.

If you are a youth experiencing exploitation, homelessness, or are at risk of these issues, this group is meant for you.


You tell us what you need! 


114-285 Prideaux St.
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2

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10AM - 3PM

Tuesday - Friday